Monday, March 7, 2011

El Cobre's Hot Cuban Brunch

The best steak and eggs ever

El Cobre is the patron saint of Cuba. Thankfully she presides over every meal at Ravi DeRossi's newest addition to his East Village Cuban corner of 6th + A (upstairs sits Cienfuegos cocktail lounge and next door Carteles sandwich bar will soon reopen).

I mean that literally and figuratively. There actually is a replica of the Virgin of El Cobre, complete with wishing well, watching over the dining room and bar. We'll get to that later.

Weekend brunch is why I am here and why I will keep coming back. I'm critical about what elevates a decent brunch to divine. After all, how hard is it to whip up an omelette, saute home fries, and flip some pancakes? There are lots of perfectly fine brunches in the East Village - 7A, Westville East, Mud. The standouts take things to a new level, introducing unexpected flavors, and eye opening combos. That's where El Cobre excels.

Take the bisteak y huevos ($16). Start with a hefty, 8-oz NY strip, perfectly grilled and juicy. Place it on a layer of sofrito mixed with charred habanero salsa for the perfect Good Morning! buttkick. Add a creamy avocado and red onion salad, tasty black beans and rice and top with two organic eggs, and that's what I call Breakfast of Champions. You'll be set for the day.
Cuban chickpea and chorizo hash

Other hits on the new world Cuban comfort food menu include the panqueques de coco ($14), coconut pancakes with pineapple syrup, and the scrumptious fried egg and chickpea hash ($14), with chorizo, roast pork and spicy sofrito. Next time, I'm diving in to the pollo fritto ($16), in island spice rub and served with plantain mash.

Included in your brunch is a choice of fresh squeezed juice or specialty cocktail. Unfortunately, on our two recent visits, we were offered neither (DeRossi says it was an oversight).

Loaded with wrought iron chairs, ceiling fans, and tiered concrete steps for chilling, the interior mimics a Cuban outdoor plaza. I am counting down the days til warm weather draws open the giant corner windows, mingling soft breezes with intoxicating Cuban rhythms all afternoon.

On your way out, don't forget to throw your penny in the fountain and make a wish. A staffer insisted El Cobre will answer your prayers.

95 Ave A at 6th St
212 614 6818
Brunch served Sat-Sun, 11am - 5pm

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  1. jerks , will close soon very snotty

  2. Hi Anonymous. I'd love to know more about your bad experience as I've had only positive ones there so far. But I care about my readers' feedback. Thanks for writing - KikaEats