Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Instant Broccoli Magic

Transform broccoli drab...
 I find broccoli one pretty unexciting vegetable unless you combine it with a calorific cheesy sauce or in a Chinese stir fry. While the florets are tasty roasted in simple olive oil, salt and pepper, the best part of this veggie from the cabbage family often goes right in the garbage: the stalk.

Once peeled, the inside of the fat stem is fleshy, soft and juicy. Grated, it makes an instant, refreshing salad. Just drizzle with olive oil, a good squirt of lemon or lime juice for tang, my secret ingredient dried mint, and salt to taste. You'll never want to waste it again.

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  1. Brilliant! Always thought it was a shame to waste the stalk *reaches for grater* guess what I'm having for lunch?! Pig x