Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Great Brunches on the Bowery

Pulino's smoked trout salad and eggs
Dining options on the Bowery have simply taken off and that includes some standout brunches.Those who've dined with me know that a brunch menu had better offer more than a standard plate of eggs, bacon and home fries to get my attention. Enter Pulino's, Peels and Hecho en Dumbo.

I never used to consider a pizza joint for brunch. Not anymore. Pulino's not only serves a worthy weekend brunch, but it's one of a few neighborhood restaurants that offers a proper weekday breakfast too. Dominating the corner at E. Houston, interiors feature Keith McNally's trademark subway tiles. It's friendly and airy, perfect for groups and families. The unusual smoked trout salad and eggs ($15) looks like a giant bagel with the works, but is light and satisfying. For a heartier option, try the cheesy skillet baked eggs and fettunta (garlic bread).
Peels build-a-biscuit piled high
Peels is southern comfort on a plate. So what if everyone looks like they walked out of "Gossip Girl"?

If the weather's nice, snatch one of the few coveted outdoor tables. The build-a-biscuit is a classic breakfast sandwich that starts with one beautiful buttermilk biscuit. Then choose your vice. Eggs with bacon, ham, sausage? Smothered in red eye gravy? All up to you. All worth the calories. Peels is also open for breakfast during the week.

A hearty Mexican chilaquiles verdes
Hecho en Dumbo has been serving a consistently delicious and buzzy brunch since opening two summers ago. Not to mention a great value.

A $17 prix fixe gets you an authentic Mexican dish - sweet or savory - served with a cocktail or fresh non-alcoholic beverage.They always greet you with a little plate of deliciousness to start. Sometimes it's tiny palmiers, other times fresh mini sweet buns. I'm partial to the stew-like chilaquiles verdes, featuring corn tortillas and a fried egg layered with shredded chicken and a spicy tomatillo sauce.

282 Bowery @ E. Houston

325 Bowery between E 2nd St + Bleecker

Hecho en Dumbo
354 Bowery between E 3rd + E 4th Sts