Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The World's Most Expensive Ham at Pata Negra

Delicious Spanish chorizo plate
Tiny Pata Negra sits on an E. 12th Street block in the East Village packed with quality international eateries.

There's French Resto Leon, Thai Terminal, Motorino pizza and S'MAC mac-n-cheese. The unassuming Spanish tapas bar deserves serious recognition.

First, the name: pata negra refers to the finest Spanish ham, and world's most expensive.

Membrillo topped goat cheese - a must
The famed 'black hoofed' ham is produced by a special breed of Iberian hogs native only to Spain and fed a steady diet of acorns. The real deal has only been approved for US import for three years. Pata Negra is one of the few places in NYC that you can order it. And it's $150/lb. You can get a plate here for $40.

As a chorizo fanatic, my eye is drawn instantly to this smokey tapa. The plump, juicy sausage comes from Despana, which means it is fantastic. It's accompanied by a delicious selection of seasonal veggies ($10).

The patitas sampler ($7) is classic taste of Spain. Five toast points come with a variety of fine Spanish hams, boquerones (white anchovies), pequillo peppers, Manchego, and membrillo.
Spanish charm and style
The fairly priced selection of Spanish wines rotates regularly. The genial staff will gladly guide you through it.

And they remember you when you come back. You will come back.

345 E 12th St.
between 1st + 2nd Aves.
Open Tues - Sun from 5pm
212 228 1696

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