Friday, September 30, 2011

Happiness is a Rainbow Cake

Good to the last bite
One of my favorite people in the world just turned two. And when Alexi's artistic mother Loree had visions of the most perfect mile-high rainbow-colored cake for the birthday celebration, she had no idea where to turn.

Armed with just a magazine photo as inspiration, mom found her way to Bayonne, NJ-based baker Nurys Dominici of Nurys Cakes. A mother of young kids herself, Dominici started the business last year when she kept ending up as the designated birthday cake maker for the many children in her life. Her specialty is Dominican butter cake filled with pineapple marmalade, guava or caramel sauce.

A giant, candy colored cake can easily look better than it tastes, but in this case, Dominici's gateau is moist and flavorful, and not overly sugary. It was also devoured by the party crowd - young and old.

Looks like Dominici's rainbow cakes could be ideal for lots of celebrations these days. That includes weddings.

Nurys Cakes
917 463 4046

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  1. What a great find Nurys is! She bakes beautifully and deliciously. Thanks Kika!