Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Biting into Mad Square Eats

Porchetta from The Piccolo Cafe
There's a feeding frenzy in the streets of Manhattan. Everywhere you look there's a new outdoor food festival or gourmet truck. A city favorite, Mad Square Eats (24th + Broadway), is in its final days through October 21st. So hurry up and bite into something new.

Popular market fixtures like Red Hook Lobster Pound, Sigmund Pretzelshop, and Momofuku Milk Bar are dishing up their signature specialties. If you can't get to Bushwick, Roberta's pizza is here.

Duck buns from Fatty Snack compete with Beijing ya buns (roast duck and shrimp, $4) from Hong Kong Street Cart. There's always a line at Calexico for the freshly prepared Cali-Mexican tacos including chipotle pork and pollo asada ($3). Asiadog gives the drab hot dog a cultural makeover. The tangy Ginny is dressed with kimchi and nori flakes ($4.50).

On a recent visit, the hungry carnivore in me headed straight to the Cannibal stall, Resto's new sister restaurant. The pork head Cuban sandwich sounded like a natural win. But it was heavy on the bread and pickle and skimped on the meat filling, making pulled pork head looked more like scattered crumbs of swine. And it was bland. A $10 let down. The garlic spiced burger from Graffiti/Metaphor, on the other hand, is aromatic and juicy.

On Saturday only, look out for the tantalizing whole lamb roasting on a spit. And while you're there, stock up on an array of exotic spices, flavored sugar and loose teas from newcomer Spices and Tease.

Dine around the world in the park
Asiadog's Ginny with kimchi

Beijing ya bun from Hong Kong Street Cart
Graffiti/Metaphor spiced burger

Spit roasted lamb - Saturdays only
Lavender sugar sounds divine

Where's the pig face?

Open through Oct 21
11am - 9pm


  1. ah thanks for the reminder, I need to get my tush down there before it closes! Spices and Tease?? can't wait to check that out...

  2. Definitely go. And Spices and Tease just opened a store on Broadway. They told me they also will be at a lot of holiday markets next month including Grand Central and Union Square. Good stuff!