Monday, November 21, 2011

B.A.D. Burger: EVill's New 24-hr Breakfast Diner

Breakfast day or night on Ave A

It's finally here (said with a naughty grin).

A gut-busting menu of double patty burgers, big breakfasts, creamy milkshakes, and homemade desserts all available 24/7. Eat in or delivery. And free WiFi. That's the beauty - and  danger - of B.A.D. (breakfast all day) Burger, the new East Village outpost of the Williamsburg original.

After months of delays, doors opened last week.

A genial staff is eager to please and acknowledges there are kinks to work through in the opening weeks. The dining room is just as cheery as the team. Tunes, bright red benches, and b/w checkerboard tiles keep the vibe fun.

Shroom burger
So how's the food? It's a work in progress. The good news is the beef. Kobe beef ground in house yields quality, flavorful patties. The Shroom burger ($10), two 4-oz beef patties (or one 8-oz) topped with a portobello mushroom and creamy peppercorn sauce, works. But the Signature BAD with chimichurri sauce and jack cheese ($8) could stand to lose the cheese entirely.

Tasty pickle chips with chipotle mayo
We realized after the fact that lettuce, tomato and onions are available on demand only. But it would help if the servers offered them upfront.

The limp hand-cut fries needed another minute in the fryer. And the buns are on the soft, squishy side, not ideal for holding up a big burger. Pickle chips ($6), on the other hand, are perfectly fried morsels of battered goodness.

I applaud the easy-on-the-wallet prices. And the wide selection of vegan and gluten free options. And even the 18 homemade dipping sauces for a buck apiece, especially the mango chutney, a gingery blend that perks up the fries.
Coconut cake (b) and Red Velvet cake (f)

If you've left room for dessert, you'll have a full selection of fresh cakes, pies, sundaes, and even a choco-banana chimichanga to pad the waistline. Go ahead. You know you want to. The creamy coconut cake ($4) was moist; the Red Velvet cake ($4) was dry.

In a few weeks, I'm sure B.A.D. will have found its groove (a wine and beer license is on the way too). Cause I'm coming back for some apple, walnut, cinnamon pancakes.

171 Ave A
Between 10th + 11th Sts.
212 477 7727

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