Sunday, January 1, 2012

Five New Years Resolutions

Some of my favorite things: grape tomatoes, red lentils, Karen's Armenian braided cookies, Darrell Lea's green apple licorice

Here's some food for thought as we start 2012 off sparkling fresh and new. Happy New Year and happy eating to all.

Make coffee

Skip buying overpriced coffee and start a food kitty instead. Not only do you get to experiment with beans from around the world, but watch your savings grow. And fantasize on what exotic edibles you can spend the extra dough on, like a...

Splurge on a Nice Meal

Your coffee kitty will add up quickly. Start pouring over menus from NYC's crème de la crème (or another great city) with the extra $100 you save every month. Do a Top 10 list of must try restaurants this year and stick to it.

Cook on Sundays

Plan to make a meal every Sunday and share it with others. Try that recipe that's gathering dust on the fridge. If you can't make a full meal, make something from scratch. If you can't eat it all, freeze the leftovers or share with your neighbor.

Recycle When Ordering In

The bags, both paper and plastic, and many containers, etc, can be recycled. When ordering, tell them not to include the plastic cutlery which often gets thrown away unused anyway. Save the extra napkins for another time.

Volunteer to End Hunger

Wherever you're reading this, there are people in your neighborhood going to bed without enough to eat. Whether it's feeding the homeless, lending a hand at a shelter, or working with an amazing child hunger organization like Share Our Strength, volunteer your time to feed others. It will feed your soul too.


  1. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! We could all use some gentle reminders...

  2. Kika - i'm so proud of you and this list! Some of mine are on here too. Happy 2012!

  3. Thank you for including Share Our Strength & the No Kid Hungry Camapign, Kiki!