Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rockaway Beach Eats Post Sandy

Rockaway Taco standing strong - and delicious

Last fall Hurricane Sandy tragically tore through the seaside community – and burgeoning foodie haven - of the Rockaways, literally sweeping away chunks of boardwalk. As summer officially begins on Friday, here’s an update on the current state of one of my favorite beach day destinations.
Brand spanking new 86th St. beach concession
The good news is that the beach looks cleaner than ever (and so do the revamped bathrooms). The new concrete boardwalk, part of the $140 million restoration, is underway. Rippers, in the 86th St. concession building, is sporting a new lime green look and operating as normal. It's surrounded by a renovated block and gleaming overhang. But so far, it’s one of the few remaining food vendors around after the storm.
The 97th St. concession building is empty for now. Last summer it was swarming with hungry hipsters eager to sample boat-sized fried fish from Motorboat and the Big Banana to spicy Thai som tum from Ode to the Elephants. For now, you'll have to venture a few blocks inland to the original Rockaway Taco.
Rockaway Taco, where the food craze began
Rockaway Taco, a magnet for local surfers and skateboarders, started the beach food craze here. On a recent Saturday, lines were long and the fish tacos as delectable as ever. Make sure you add on the homemade pickles (the sell 'em by the jar too). But across the street stands the Rockaway Plate Lunch Truck, a poignant reminder of the toll Sandy has taken. The truck offers up to 500 free meals daily to local residents.

Word’s out that Bungalow Bar, one of Rockaway’s hidden gems and best sunset hangout on Jamaica Bay, has undergone a major refurb.
Getting there is easier this summer.The Rockabus is a convenient new shuttle to the beach from Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Buses leave regularly on weekends.  
 Note: As you hear of more Rockaway food vendors opening this summer, please write in!

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