Friday, August 13, 2010

10-Minute Greek Salad for One

There’s nothing like eating a Greek salad on a Greek island. Something about those sunkissed tomatoes and tangy sheep + goat's milk feta...But if you can’t get there this summer, my simple version comes in handy when you want a quick, fantastic meal for one in under 10 minutes. I always make sure I have Kalamata olives and a slab of Athenos chunk feta in the fridge (the chunk has more flavor than the crumbled), as well as a can of anchovies in olive oil. Then on your way home, you can grab your veggies at any market.

A note about anchovies. They're a classic Mediterannean staple. I don't undertand how they can be so reviled. Please trust me in this recipe. They’re all mashed up with the lemon and feta, so you just taste the salty essence, and no fishiness. You can make the salad without them, but I don’t advise it. If you're really hungry, you can add sautéed chicken breast, cut in chunks, and marinated in olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. This recipe serves one and can easily be doubled.

Place dressing ingredients in a mixing bowl:

juice of ½ lemon

1 T olive oil

1/2 t dried oregano

1/3” slice chunk of Athenos packaged feta

4 anchovies from jar or can packed in olive oil, adjust to taste

Mash feta and anchovy dressing with fork to make a slushy mix.

Chop remaining ingredients in uniform size and add to bowl:

1 juicy tomato, cut in ½” chunks

1 Kirby cucumber or ½ regular cuke, cut in ½” chunks

½ green pepper cut in ½” chunks

2 T chopped red onion

Toast ½ pita bread and break up pieces into 1” ‘croutons.’ Add to salad. Add handful of Kalamata olives. Add salt, if needed, and pepper to taste. Add sautéed chicken chunks, if desired. Incorporate all ingredients well, making sure croutons are covered in dressing. Enjoy.


  1. OMG! I can totally eat this, minus the green peppers! Starting to get a craving for it now.


  2. Everyone should make this ASAP, it's delicious!!!
    So excited you posted the recipe, I have been meaning to ask for it.
    Even a beginner like me can make this dish : )
    It's the best Greek salad you'll ever have....