Monday, August 23, 2010

Hungry on a Fiver: Top 10 East Village Eats for $5-ish

Who doesn’t like a tasty bargain? I’m always getting asked for bargain bites in the East Village. But cheap is not worth it to me when the food is not exceptional or it’s skimpy. These tasty vittles (vegetarian options included) definitely make the cut. Plus they cover cravings from early morning to the late night munchies.

1. The ridiculously delicious and cheap lamb cumin burger ($2.50) and roast pork burger ($2) at Xi’an Famous Foods.

2. Signature sandwich ($5.75) from Baoguette. It blows the banh mi competition away. Ask for extra hot if you want it scattered with sinus-clearing Thai chilis.

3. Mouthwatering and generous chicken kebab sandwich ($5.50) from Café Rakka. Order with both white and hot sauce for a flavor explosion.

4. Five sensational seafood and tofu pancakes ($2.99) and pickled radish kimchi ($1.99) from M2M market. Check out the refrigerated section for an addictive array of kimchi, pickled veggies and noodle dishes.

Seafood + tofu pancakes with radish kimchi

5. Classic cheese slice ($2.50) from Two Boots Pizza. The cornmeal crust is the best in town.

6. Flavor packed falafel ($2.50) or shawarma (chicken or lamb at $5) sandwiches at Mamoun’s. Make sure to order with their famous homemade hot sauce.

7. Fresh and incredibly filling egg-bacon-cheese breakfast sandwich with coffee ($4.90) served all day at Little Veselka outdoor café.

8. Choco cupcake with peanut butter frosting ($3) from Butter Lane. Mmmm.

9. Classic currywurst + fries ($6) at Wechsler’s Currywurst, a teeny but wunderbar salute to German sausage and beer.

10. Sunday and Monday-only pad thai special ($5) at Cafetasia. All day and night. Delivery, dine in or carry out. A delicious bargain.

So what makes your top 10 list? Be nice and share.


  1. Your number one is currently my number one. I have had the curry lamb bun 3x in the last week. Thanks for sharing, I am still curious about Wechsler's...

  2. I'm going to pass this on to my college aged cousin, she's visiting and looking for cheap eats in the EV! Someone told me yday that there's a place on Clinton Street with pork buns for $1 (I'm not sure the name, it's one to look into! Pork bun crawl anyone?)

  3. I LOVE the idea of a pork bun crawl! I just might have to investigate. On the LES, there is BaoHaus on Rivington, which gets rave reviews too. And if you find out the name of the Clinton St place, please post.

  4. Keeks. You've totally found your calling. This made my mouth water and my heart fall because I don't live in NYC.