Monday, November 29, 2010

8 Tasty Reasons to Love Union Square Holiday Market

Crepes galore
A big pleasure in visiting an outdoor Christmas market is finding ways to stave off hunger. Shop and eat. Eat and shop. Repeat. The Union Square Holiday Market is now in full swing through Christmas Eve. And if you go hungry, you'll have at least eight ways to snack well.

Bar Suzette - The perfect excuse to indulge in a freshly made Nutella crepe ($5). Or in the mood for savory? Try the hoisin duck ($12) or ham + Swiss ($8).

Sigmund Pretzel Shop - The popular East Village shop offers a selection of freshly baked sweet and savory soft pretzels ($3). And a giant sized one for $6. They are delicious.
Ultimate sweet-salty chocolates
Nunu Chocolates - Handmade in Brooklyn using chocolate from Columbia. The hand-dipped salt caramels have developed a loyal following. Box of 4 for $7. For the beer lover on your list, try the Nunu six pack ($12) made with real brew.  

NibMor - Vegan, gluten-free, all natural and organic chocolate for the ultimate purist.
Don't forget to sample the truffles
No Chewing Allowed - A secret family recipe prevents these French sellers from disclosing the cocoa content of these tasty chocolate truffles from the Loire Valley. But free sampling lets you try before you buy. Just make sure you don't chew the morsels. Just let them melt in your mouth. Box of 25 truffles for $10.99. They as
also sell thick hot chocolate ($4) to double the choco fix.
Da Throwdown Wafel - enough said
Wafels & Dinges - Experience Da Throwdown Wafel ($6), the heavenly house specialty that beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay at his own TV challenge. Served with spekuloos (moreish creamed gingerbread spread - they gladly offer samples) and whipped cream. And if you can't live without the spekuloos afterwards, the jar is for sale ($7). If you only eat one thing at the market, this is definitely it.

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis - Hard to resist the pretty little cream filled pastries from this Lower East Side pastry shop. The liqueur-filled Mud Slide is the best seller, but why try only one?

Cereal + Milk
Milk Bar - A few cult favorites from the Momofuku line are for sale including either a slice ($5.25) or a full crack pie ($44), assorted cookies (six for $10) and even the cereal milk mix ($5). For David Chang fanatics, aprons and his cookbook are also on sale.

Market open daily from 11am - 8pm through Dec 24th.



  1. When I was working for a company headquartered in NYC, their offices were at Union Square. My best memory of working there was being there over the holidays and being able to shop (and EAT) the Union Square market! Thanks for reviving those good memories...wish I was there to sample all those chocolates with you Kika!!!Amy

  2. It is such a magical time of year. I love Christmas markets no matter where in the world they are. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  3. I want to throw down my throat da Throwdown Waffle.