Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Best Hot Chocolate in Soho

Extra thick hot chocolate

It’s a good thing French confectionery MarieBelle in Soho sells edible treats and not priceless baubles. Otherwise, I’d be broke. Everything looks like an elegant gem, beautifully packaged and irresistible. One item worth every luxurious calorie is the prepared hot chocolate (you can purchase the cocoa mix too). Served in the tiny back room Cacoa Bar + Tea Salon, it’s a guilty pleasure to experience away from the maddening Soho crowd this holiday season.  Sit down and indulge. While they offer half a dozen tempting options including mocha and spicy blend, go straight for the dark 70% cacao. A small cup ($6.50) is more than enough, and so rich you eat it with a spoon. How’s that for pure indulgence?

484 Broome St., between Wooster and W. Broadway, 212 925 6999

Treats galore

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  1. With that tempting hot chocolate, I'll never get to try their tea! :)