Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year's Wish

Happy and delicious New Year to you!
I've been spending the remaining days of 2010 reading all about food trends - what's in and what's out. And while the pundits are praising this and that, here's my simple New Year's wish to all my food loving readers:


Take time to sit down and enjoy them with someone. Whether it's eating a family meal, or organizing potlucks with your co-workers or Skyping over cookies with your long distance partner, just do it. Breaking bread with others is such a powerful connector. Be curious about what you are eating and embrace variety. Food is one of life's greatest and essential pleasures. Dig in deep. Happy, healthy 2011 to all.

And thank you so much for sharing your time with KikaEats.


  1. So fantastic! What a creative and beautiful idea! Happy New Year, Kika Eats!

  2. Here, here! What a wonderful and inspiring sentiment. I love sharing food with my dear ones. It does make life so much more meaningful...
    Happy New Year!

  3. I love it!!! Looking forward to a delicious year to come 2011.

  4. Okay, mate, you've laid down the challenge! I accept, lip-smacking gooey fingers and all. I look forward to Skyping over cookies, fresh bread, spices and cheeses. You're a culinary adventurer, and I love your blog. What better way to enjoy 2011 than with good friends over good food. Happy New Year, Sekita!

  5. So true, Sekita chiquita.
    I'll drink (and eat) to that - with my posse.