Thursday, June 9, 2011

Magnum Ice Cream Bars' Cool US Debut

Looking for a sweet treat to temper the summer heat?

March straight into your local Walgreens for the debut of Magnum premium ice cream bars, an import from Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever. While living in London, these bars were my go-to when indulging in something especially naughty-but-worth-every-calorie. They're already available in 40 countries, so not sure why the US is the last to know. Probably because we don't need more fat laden products, but never mind. I'm in heaven now.

So far just six flavors including chocolate covered vanilla (classic), caramel (slightly too rich and sweet) and almond (my absolute favorite), are available at area retailers including Target. Til now, I've only been able to find the caramel in lower Manhattan.

Think of it as a Dove bar but better. The rich vanilla ice cream is flecked with visible vanilla bean. The Belgian chocolate coating is thick and snaps when you bite into it. Skip the calorie counting (around 330 per bar) and just surrender.

Magnum 3-pack bars/$5.49 and $2.39/single.

Note: I happily paid for my ice cream; this post is not based on a company freebie whatsoever.

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