Friday, July 1, 2011

East Village Trilby's Secret Summer BBQ

Mini short rib sandwiches
The new Trilby in posh Cooper Square Hotel has come up with a great summer concept: the Saturday garden BBQ. And undoubtedly it has one of the best gardens in the East Village. A true hidden urban oasis.

So what's the problem? Getting the service kinks out and getting the grill going.
Secret garden party

We visited on a lazy Saturday afternoon around 5 pm, hoping it wouldn't be mobbed. It wasn't.

Strangely, there's no written menu or promotion of the BBQ specials. The drinks include Pimm's cup ($12), rose ($10), and beer ($5), and rotating meats from the grill. Specials of the day were charcoal grilled burgers ($7) and hot dogs ($4). You can also order from the regular menu, which we were offered. So we opted for some rose, a cheeseburger, and from the regular menu, the mini short rib sandwiches ($12).

Outdoor grilled burger
Service was painfully slow despite the lack of crowds. The grill master was having a hard time keeping the grill going. Lots of smoke and wafts of lighter fluid. The burger took so long it was taken off the bill. It comes picnic-style on a paper plate with a side of potato chips. I'd nix the overly processed slice of cheese.

Otherwise, I'm optimistic they'll find a groove, and the chef will be owning the grill next time.

For a neighborhood summer outing this holiday weekend, the setting is unbeatable. 

25 Cooper Square
Between E 5th + 6th Sts, enter on 5th St
Saturday Summer BBQs, 3-9 pm through Aug
212 475 3400

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